Custom Name Tags Stickers



Custom Name Tags Stickers

Custom name tags stickers and custom name tags with logo stickers ebay are both enjoyment and fun way to make your event participants feel easy when meeting each other. These stickers name tags are ideal for a corporate event, special occasions such as Christmas, birthday party or weddings but also for parties and business meetings. Custom adhesive name tags stickers are flexible which means round name tags stickers can be applied not only on shirts but as seating cards, party favors, gifts wrappers, and many more.

At Custom Stickers Co UK, we can prepare any type of custom name tags stickers that you require, in any quantity and sizes. All of our name tags stickers are made out of finest materials and you may select any type of finishes and coating for fully staples name tags stickers. Send us your artwork with text or consult with our online sales representative or in-house graphic designers to get the kids name tags stickers look you may like. Our Uk and worldwide delivery service will guaranty you to get your custom name tags stickers on time for your event, at any point in the world!

Get A Custom Quote:

Do you have your custom name tags stickers designed? If no! Then don’t need to worry. We have a team of professional designers who will design your artwork and font family according to your requirements. For instant pricing fill-up the pricing quote form or send us an email at We will send your price tags stickers within 5 business days. We don’t charge any hidden charges. We offer you free shipping with quality work at your doorstep.


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